Monday, 29 March 2010

Sin and Sacrament

She knows the way, she's traced it a thousand times;
Second star to the right and straight on 'til morning...
Red velvet on white crumpled sheets,
the stars on fire,
And Him; red satin scars,
a mouthful of pennies and dark velvet earth.

I’m trying to get on with work for college, following those red paths; I’m covered in scratches from brambles and there’s a pile of pebbles growing by the door. My tales are slowly forming, becoming more solid day by day, and yet I don’t want to pin them down, I’d rather follow them deeper into those woods, see where their truth lies... Once upon a time there was a boy and of course there was a girl and yes; he was handsome and she was beautiful but it’s never that simple is it? That prince is tearing himself to shreds on those thorns, Greatle is living in the witches house, and little Red, well she’s in love with that big bad Wolf... That’s her story above, what do you think?

Today was grey, rain on the windows and that roaring wind, yesterday was thin lemony light, pale blue skies and bare feet and tonight the temperature has dropped and snow is blowing in from the east. March is as usual refusing to be anything other than a lion... Today I love falling stars, I love keys, the ones in black and white and a rhythm sounded out on a hardwood floor, I love old friends and as always I hate anger. Today the woman I am has ribbons in her hair, the colour of the apples she’s sworn not to eat, she had been writing by firelight and bathing by candlelight and she has that jazz stuck in her head; red and silky smooth...

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Erica Pru said...

As always I can't tell you how much I admire your writing.
Do you think Red was in love with the wolf and the story got it wrong? That's what I think sometimes. What if she fell for him despite it all?