Sunday, 10 October 2010

Golden Years

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In walked luck, and you looked in time
Never look back, walk tall, act fine.

-David Bowie

I’m spending my days weaving still and writing again, covering pages in ink; they flutter around me like those falling leaves. I’m reworking the old tales, today it’s Beauty and the Beast... It’s domestic, words scribbled in haste and love. It’s golden and content. It’s one of the few tales about real love; it’s acceptance and compromise, it’s hard work sometimes but anything worth your heart should be... A few thousand long stemmed roses later and they’re still waking the neighbours, he’s still writing her notes in the morning, and she hates their bed without him; all heat and quiet strength. She’s put the pain down, made her peace, he’s atoned for his sins, each kiss bringing him closer to absolution...

Today is golden and tastes like peaches. Summer has taken another breath, champagne and fiery leaves. My hours are filled with tea, but I’m making changes and my signs won’t settle... Today I love candlelight and starlight, I love whispered promises, kept. I love flowers for no good reason, I love blank pages, fresh notebooks and blue ink. I love long rolling conversations about everything and nothing at all and as always I hate half truths...
Today the woman I want to be laughs more and her hair tumbles like those wild roses. She knows the way home, she loves without doubt and has many more tales to tell...

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Holy Wine

Just before our love got lost you said I am as constant as a northern star
And I said, constantly in the darkness Where's that at?
If you want me I'll be in the bar

-Joni Mitchell A Case of You

Oh I look up from this stack of books, from these charms and tales and the days have turned to months and Summer has given way to Autumn. My world, so long stagnant, suddenly changed over night; a sea change of such force I'm still reeling. A wish I never dared to make granted. An unconditional act of kindness... And so I'm lighting candles and watching for stars, my days taste of coffee and pears and smell like hope. My horizons are wide once more, there is salt and sand on the breeze, my feet itch and those maps in my veins are whispering again... I'm making plans; I'll flit with the swallows and no longer hold my breath...

Today Love, Death and the Weather are my daily bread but I will no longer sip that bitter holy wine... The house has stilled, those bats have found another home and fire fills the grate. That rain drums on the roof and arches the light into colour, the rolling thunder stirring the butterflies within me. My fingers still ache from roses, my sleep is not yet dreamless and I am not yet home, but just give me time.
Today I love laughter and the blood that ties. I love those gritty pears, notes scrawled in ink and love and anyone who brings me tea. I love truth and kindness and as always I loathe uncertainty... Today the woman I am knows her strength, she has weathered those storms, she can't see her own future but she'll weave it as she goes... She'll slip on grace with her shoes and dance until dawn. Those she loves will know how to find her, you'll know which trails to follow...