Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Snow White

"snow! Wonderful Snow! Don't you wish you could roll about in it like dogs?!" -Jo March, Little Women.

Its snowing! Yesterday morning I woke up and my world was painted white. Its surreal it melts to reveal orange and gold autumn leaves. I've always loved snow, its like a pause, like catching your breath or a blank page in a new notebook, and then its gone... close your eyes, breath deep and life moves on.

This is part of an inspiration line for the Twelve Wild Geese project, Aran knits and woven bog cotton. In college I am currently printing the Fairy Tale, My fairy Tale, onto the wall, letter by letter, with tiny stamps and ink. Its taking a long time but I love it, I'm surrounded by words and ink, getting lost...

Today I love toast and jam, knitted jumpers and Autumn snow. Today the woman I am has ink on her fingers, stars by her veins and frost in her hair. Her house smells like ice and peat smoke and it feels strangely like home.


laitae said...

so nice to see you back:) I love snow too:) When I woke up a few days ago, in the magical moment before opening my eyes, I just felt that there MUST have been snow outside. And it was:)

indie_tea said...

Snow, lucky you! It must be magical.